Lune – Blood to Play

I had the pleasure of seeing Lune when Yelle visited Stockholm last year. Lune then opened for Yelle, and she pretty much got my attention. I listened to some of her songs. One of my favorites is Let Go.

Fast forward to 2012, Lune has been signed to a label and she has released a new single.

Blood to Play is a little different from the Lune I heard last year. It’s a little faster and a little more rock and roll. It’s not bad, it’s pretty interesting, that is for sure. The video is not all that extraordinary, but I guess it goes hand in hand with Lune’s artistic background.

I think this song needs to grow a little on me. But for now I want to see Lune live. I missed her last gig because of some confusion, so I am eager to manage to see her next. When will that be? Better go check!


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