Long Shen Dao – The Heart Guides the Way

Formed in January 2006, Long Shen Dao (龙神道) — literally translated as The Way of the Dragon God — has been part of the Mainland China indie music scene since their performance at the popular Modern Sky Festival (摩登天空音乐节) in 2009. They performed throughout 2010 in festivals like the Strawberry Music Festival (长江草莓音乐节), and continued their promotions in 2011 with the Midi Music Festival (迷笛音乐节), which visited several cities in the country.

Long Shen Dao released their debut album entitled Taichi Reggae (拥抱) on January 1st 2011, from which the single The Heart Guides the Way (心在指引方向) is taken. These are all official titles because these guys do all the bilingual stuff for us. Thank you.

You can follow Long Shen Dao on their Douban page — which includes links, descriptions and activities — as well as on Weibo. You can also Like their Official Facebook page or get some more information on Rock in China.

You can also give Taichi Reggae a listen through Xiami.

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