livetune featuring Megumi Nakajima – Transfer

Livetune, the group behind one of the most famous vocaloids [1] (if not the most famous) — Hatsune Miku — has just released the music video for their newest single titled Transfer, which features voicing actress and singer Megumi Nakajima (中島愛).

The music video, in complete animated form, was directed by Fantasista Utamaro and Kazuma Ikeda, and resembles The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, but instead of leaping through time, the character leaps through background layouts of different styles using the same animated cycle of running and jumping over and over.

Director: fantasista utamaro x Kazuma Ikeda
Cel Animation Director: Kubotabee

Associate Director:
Tetsuya Tatamitani / Amica Kubo / Yuichiro Saeki / TOOTEM /
Naoya Yamaguchi / shishi yamasaki /
Izumi Hosaka & Akimasa Tsuchiya / sankaku

Character Design: Kubotabee

Key Animator (Cel Animation):
Masahiro Emoto / Yasuhiro Aoki / Mai Tsutsumi /
Takashi Kumazen / Manabu Akita / Riki Matsuura

Background (Cel Animation): IMAGINET

Sound Effects: Yusuke Tamaki

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