Lily Allen – Our Time

Lily Allen releases a music video for Our Time, the third single from her upcoming album Sheezus, and she stars as four different characters.

The video was directed by Christoper Sweeney — who also directed the video for Allen’s comeback single Hard Out Here [MV] — and begins with her jumping in a cab at London and singing about a night filled with partying and good times. Along the way the taxi picks up her “friend,” a blond version of the 28-year-old English pop star. They take swigs from a flask and dance and sing until yet another one of Allen’s alter egos is picked up.

The new passenger appears to be intoxicated and even throws up in the cab at one point in the video. But not before a hot dog costume-wearing Allen fights the woman, then joins the group to continue partying the night away until sunrise.

Sheezus will be released on May 05, 2014.

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