LeeSSang – Someday

Hip-Hop duo LeeSSang make a heck of a return for the celebration of their 10th anniversary with the release of their album Unplugged. The duo has already topped charts in Korea with the first single off the album, and today, along with the release of the album, dropped the video for Someday.

The song features Do-Hyun Yoon of YB, and it’s a great blend of hip-hop and rock. Someday shows off the musical versatility of LeeSSang, which is what allows them to have such a varied audience.  It’s no wonder they are celebrating their 10th anniversary. They manage to stay new and interesting with each release, unlike other groups who use the same formula over and over again. It’s great to see collaborations between the rock and hip-hop artists like this too. Both genres suffer from a lack of attention by mainstream Korea. It’s always magic when they do get together though; and Someday is living proof.


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