Leehom Wang & Tan Weiwei – Bridge of Fate

A couple of days ago, Leehom had published this video, which disappeared a a couple of hours later. It was apparently deleted, and made public once again for all of us to enjoy because— yo! Leehom Wang AND Tan Weiwei, I’m fangirling. I’ll be honest, this tops his collab with Khalil [1], and it’s probably the best that Leehom has released in a while. I wasn’t a big fan of Your Love (你的愛) album last year.

The song is titled Bridge of Fate (緣分一道橋, or Yuan Fen Yi Dao Qiao) and serves as the theme song for Zhang Yimou’s upcoming –and much vilified– The Great Wall [Trailer]. White-savior aside, the song is the most Zhongguo Feng-style I can remember Leehom being since the release of The 18 Martial Arts (十八般武藝), which gave us beauties like Bo Ya Cuts the Strings (伯牙絕弦) [MV]. But this here is definitely a new level of Chinked-Out Style.

Because, of course, it’s Vincent Fang lyrics, too. xD

The videoclip shows Leehom entering a room that has ancient objects, including a mirror that connects him with Tan Weiwei being all colorful smoky, apparently -don’t quote me on this- singing in Qinqiang style. Tan Weiwei has been sooooooo good this year. Then, as movie themes go, it’s intercut with footage from the film; which tells you it’s going to be an “oooooh, what is this magic powder thingy that explodes“.

I’ll be honest, I’m mad excited that I’ll get to see another Zhang Yimou movie on the big screen since the release of The Curse of the Golden Flower in, like, 2007 or something. Zero mainstream Chinese movies since then. It’s been so long, I can’t even remember. I’ll take it. And if they use this song in the credits, I’ll sit through them xD

I’m also mad that The Great Wall is opening in Latin America alongside the US release all the way into February next year, because I’m all like— F the American market, yo! I know China wants that pie so bad, but let them play catch up. Make Universal open the film in Europe and Latin America earlier than the US.

Can you tell I’m salty?


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  1. February 19, 2017

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