Leehom Wang – Open Fire

Leehom Wang is expected to release his Open Fire Compilation, a two-disc compilation of 28 tracks picked by the staff of the record giant from his 13-year-old discography, also including two brand new songs.

To promote the release of the hits album, Leehom has released the music video Open Fire, which cost $10M TWD and took 48 hours of straight shooting alongside a great team of people, including Jackie Chan.

The infectious Chinked-out style Leehom is known for gets hard-hitting when he drops his verses in English:

so many accusations
of an Asian Invasion
here they come a point ‘n fingers at me
preyin’ on a mass emotion
stirrin’ up a big commotion
trying to assign responsibilities
gonna stop this negativity
turn it into positivity with integrity

The album is set to drop on September 30th, but you can pre-order it on YesAsia.com. The Taiwan Version comes with an inflatable Music-Man guitar, while the Hong Kong Version doesn’t.

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