Lee Hyori – Going Crazy

Director Chae Eun-taek had teased with an image of Hyori in drag a few weeks before this year’s LGBT Blogathon [1], and I so wanted the video for Going Crazy (미쳐) — fourth single off of Hyori’s fifth studio album Monochrome — to be released in time. But alas…

The song features an interlude by comedian / actress Ahn Young-mi (who can also be seen ‘crazying‘ it up with GD [1]), who is friends with fictional-Hyori, who’s into a player-player ladykiller kind of guy [1]… charmingly played by Hyori herself, who’s hitting up on those Korea’s Next Top Model contestants (I suppose).

I don’t know about anyone else, but I think Hyori is super cute. I know people think she’s super sexy, and she certainly can be. But you know the time when she’s about to laugh and she gets those little curves in her eyes in a perfect personification of the (^^) emoticon, she gets those during the scenes in which she’s trying to chat up those models and get a little look at them. Because she certainly thinks it’s funny, and is trying to stop herself from laughing in the scene. That’s not swag, that’s super cute.

It doesn’t break the concept of the video or the song, but it gives it a different feeling from my perception. Some people found it hot, though. So whatever floats people’s boats.

According to reports, there’s only one more song that’s going to get a music video release.

Which one will it be?

Has this information been released already?

Which one do you want it to be?


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