Leah Dou – My Days

Nearly a year ago, Faye Wong fans ran into an online surprise. Her and ex-husband Dou Wei’s daughter, Leah Dou — now 17 years old, released a track called With You [Soundcloud] to great response from people.

She’s now released a simple black and white music video directed by Heather Porcaro titled My Days, which features a casual tuxed Dou going about her day, walking around her favorite hangouts, sitting through a show of A Streetcar Named Desire, looking at clothing, records, having fun at an amusement park, gobbling an ice cream, and eating gummy worms.

I don’t think this song is as good — or as promising — as With You, but it’s pretty good. It’s got a very soft pop rock vibe to it.

Random single tracks. I guess it runs in the family.

At current time of posting, the video already has nearly 2.5k likes, over 15k forwards and nearly 2k comments from her own Weibo account, plus nearly 6k likes, 10k forwards and 3k comments from her mother’s.

You can obviously find Leah in all the regular online hangouts; Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, YouTube and Soundcloud.

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