Laure Shang – Nightmare

After the release of her first multi-language album Nightmare, Laure Shang releases the single of the same name. The video was shot in a forest in Canada and sports a bizarre dark style.

The official description says is Hitchcockian.

I actually really like the song, after Love Warrior — why isn’t there a video for that one?

I think the video for Nightmare is too messy, which, I guess, fits the “nightmare” theme. However, the execution is a little bit film student… but hey! The song sounds good. xD

Also I couldn’t find any information on who directed the music video — if anyone knows, comment ;D


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  1. Daqing says:

    It is a pure University student project. She don’t have the budget to enable her to do a fancy MV. Actually I think the whole album is a side product as they did not let the general manage of HuaYi’ music (Yuan Tao) know it until the last day.

  2. ghost says:

    i wonder if you can get an interview with Shang.

    • amy says:

      @ghost, hopefully her management speaks English… or French xD so I don’t have Jenna’s issues to setup an interview with her.

      *dreams of BiBi*

  3. daqing li says:

    Her management graduated with an English major. She herself can speak French and English.

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