Laure Shang – Asura

After the release of Shang’s Nightmare early in 2011, and the announcement of Laure’s upcoming project, Hello World, as well as the release of La Muse de la Nuit [1], Shang gets together with Beijing MV director Mao Xi (@毛犀) for the Cantonese version of Love Warrior, which was a highlight piece in her previous studio work.

The second track, Love Warrior, continues with this style of music, but gives much richer rhythms and the lyrics resemble traditional Chinese lyrics a lot more.

In this version, titled Asura (阿修罗), Shang is shot in high contrast black and white sporting an eclectic look.

You can find a version on YouTube.

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  1. Daqing Li says:

    Faye Wang recommand this song in her Weibo. It will draw more attention and exposure that Shang needs to get her music being heard by more people.

    • yam magazine says:

      Really? That’s amazing, songs like this (and La Muse de la Nuit) are right up Faye Wong’s alley. Question – does the lyric in Cantonese reflect the one in English?

      • Daqing says:

        @yam magazine, It kind of reflects the essential meaning of English lyrics but not a translation.

        • amy says:

          @Daqing, I was reading about Asura… it seemed kind of a shifty deity, at least the Hinduism version. Since Laure is carrying a sword, I thought it was most like it.

          Is the song just part of Hello World? Or is it something else? Someone should replace the audio with the English version xD

        • Daqing Li says:

          @amy, The new album will be a three chapter structure, the first chapter is “hello world” which has La muse de la nuit being released. the second chapter is “hello asia” which has asura being released. the third chapter is unknown yet but will have an english song being released before the whole album debut.

  2. Daqing Li says:

    Due to the low budget, this MV is not of high quality to match such a good song. However, her La muse de la nuit’s MV was sponsored by a mattress manufacture and was produced abroad and should be better than this one.

  1. April 13, 2014

    […] Asura (Love Warrior, Cantonese Version) [MV] […]

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