Laura Pausini & Thalia – Sino a Ti

Last year, Italian singer lyricist Laura Pausini released a huge compilation (twice- Italian and Spanish) to celebrate her 20th anniversary since her debut, which she promoted with much touted duets like Limpido [MV]/Limpio [MV] with Kylie Minogue, and a new arrangement of Se Fue [MV] with Marc Anthony.

However, midway through the year, she announced three new duets for us Spanish speakers, which included a new version of Entre Tú y Mil Mares with Melendi, Donde Quedo Solo Yo [MV] with Alex Ubago, and this brand new version of Sino a Ti with Thalia. I’m probably too old and totally disconnected from Latin pop, but this right here is two big names of (not necessarily “latin”) but music in Spanish.

Even though I totally think Thalia’s out of her range vocally (while she worked her range in the last album), it’s actually nice to see them together. I enjoy this duet a lot more than the Minogue one, which I thought didn’t actually fit that well together as I see her and Pausini as two opposite ends of a spectrum. Pausini’s got the voice that hasn’t been matched for the last twenty years by a new generation that has churned out a number of baladistas that haven’t worked it to THAT level. South Korea is totally kicking our butts with them big vocals, guys!

Also, the music video is totally spec. I can get that it’s a chilled project that started with Pausini e-mailing Thalia and asking if she was game [1], but- come on! Let’s rent one of them South Korean Boxes [1][2], at least. Kpop fans may hate them already, but it’s not a white space with a couch.

Right now, Thalia is apparently prepping new material, and Pausini is one of the coaches of The Voice Mexico (La Voz… Mexico) alongside Ricky Martin, Yuri, and Julión Álvarez.


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