Laura Pausini – Se Non Te / Sino a Ti

Laura Pausini has released the music video for Se Non Te (Other than You), the second single promoting her third Best Of compilation titled 20 – The Greatest Hits, which will include new and remastered versions of Pausini’s hit singles, as well as covers in collaboration with singers such as Ray Charles, Andrea Bocelli, Lara Fabian and Miguel Bose.

The music video was directed by Gaetano Morbioli, and is a retelling of Pausini’s parents lives, culminating in the little girl from Solarolo that begins singing at the bar her father plays at. It also features Marika Lo Cicero, a Pausini fan who won a contest and got the chance to be part of the shooting of the video [1].

A Spanish version of the music video, titled Sino a Ti, is expected soon.

The release of Se Non Te follows the release of Limpido / Limpio, the only other new track in the compilation, which comes in a variety of versions that include Pausini’s Italian Solo, the Spanish Solo, and the collaboration with Kylie Minogue in Italian / English, Spanish, as well as Spanglish.

You can purchase the Italian and the Spanish version of the album on iTunes after November 12th in some regions, and November 19th in others.

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