Laura Pausini – Benvenuto / Bienvenido

The first single from Italian singer Laura Pausini’s 14th Italian album, Inedito, will be released on November 11th — three years after her 2008 release of Primavera in Anticipo.

The music video, directed by Italian Gaetano Morbioli, was shot in Amsterdam under particularly complex situations. The shooting was hampered by hundreds of paparazzis and people with video cameras, which forced the production to shut down until Dutch authorities intervened and restored order.

Gaetano Morbioli is also known for his music videos for Italian Tiziano Ferro, and has worked with Pausini several other times for videos such as Vivimi [MV], Io Canto [MV] and Un Fatto Ovvio [MV].

There’s also a Spanish version of the song, which will be included on Inédito, Pausini’s 10th Spanish language album.

Laura Pausini is one of the few that can seamlessly go back and forth between her Italian and Spanish career, with most (if not all) of her music videos having a Spanish version, like Víveme [MV], Yo Canto [MV] and Un Hecho Obvio [MV].

You can follow some of Gaetano Morbioli’s activities on Vimeo or visit his site at

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  1. amy says:

    I never would have ever imagined Laura Pausini in hippie attire.

    I love how distictive Laura Pausini’s voice is, even when singing different genres. It’s a pity her English debut wasn’t as successful, because it wasn’t a bad album at all. Pfft, your loss America.

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