LaLa Hsu – Dare to Celebrate

This is weird to not post about.

American film Keep the Lights On — starring Thure Lindhardt, Zachary Booth and Julianne Nicholson — just made its Taipei International Film Festival premier on July 1st. The film, set in 1997 New York, follows a documentary filmmaker (Lindhardt) and a closeted lawyer (Booth) that develop a relationship that slowly transforms as they deal with their compulsions and addictions.

I just find it EXTRA weird that they’ve decided to promote the movie with a LaLa song. I mean, I’m sure it’s a localized Taiwan-only thing, but in all my years of watching movies — especially small indie ones — I’ve never heard of movies being promoted with local songs. Unless you’re like Disney or something. xD

ANYWAY~ the song is called Dare to Celebrate (不怕慶祝) and it comes from LaLa Hsu’s third album Ideal Life (理想人生), following the single release of Color Palette [MV]. The song was composed completely by LaLa… and there’s no director’s credit for her video, so I guess all of it goes to  the Keep the Lights On director, Ira Sachs.


A non-movie version of the music video has been released, which was directed by Shawn Yu (游紹)


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