Lady Gaga – Born This Way MV

In a very short period of time, Lady Gaga has turned from an unknown to one of the most known and talked about figures in today’s pop music scene. Her awaited third studio album titled like the first single, Born This Way, is due on May 23rd this year and is being hyped in all sorts of way.

Gaga herself said it would change people’s lives and become a hymn for people to sing out. Hyping it up for the single’s debut at this year’s Grammy Awards, which included a red carpet appearance inside an alien egg-like chamber being carried around until her debut on stage.

Finally, the release of the music video, directed by fashion photographer Nick Knight, includes all sorts of crazy imagery, including the gooey birth of a Lady Gaga-esque alien life-form.

What do you think of the video?

Are the song and the video good enough to become iconic?

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  1. Julili says:

    such a hot mess

    • amy says:

      @Julili, to be honest… the gooey miracle of life, freaks me out completely. They don’t even show anything, but just the idea of the reflected image and the goo… and the hand going in, ugh.

      I kinda like all the references from other icon imagery, but meh.

      Get Lindsay on it.

      • Julili says:

        @amy, I was lost when she started talking, I was all: eh is this supposed to make sense? Is there a tru message here?

        I think she is taking herself too seriously while getting high too often and writing music while so.


        • amy says:

          @Julili, I still appreciate her more than the likes of Ke$ha or Katy Perry. LOL I can’t deny Gaga works hard, so it’s silly to just hate her. I think the problem with this song is that she hyped it up too much.

          I mean, during the Grammy I was actually expecting something cool with the egg thing, like coming out of it growling. Instead, the egg opened its door and Gaga came out, like she’s been in a cab or something.

  2. ghost says:

    Why, Gaga, why be born like an alien. And why you have a machine gun in your muffin.

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