La Vida Bohème – Flamingo

Formed in Caracas by Henry D’Arthenay, Daniel De Sousa, Sebastian Ayala and Rafael Perez, La Vida Bohème launched their first self-titled EP, followed by their first full-length studio album titled Nuestra, which contains the track Flamingo.

Presented as an animated short 3-years in the making, the music video by Carl Zitelmann and Cesar Elster is an obvious homage to Disney’s Silly Symphonies. It also participated in The Montreal World Film Festival, as well as the Mar de Plata International Film Festival.

Art Direction: Leonardo Gonzalez and Pablo Iranzo
2d Animation: Tabitha O’Conell, Daryl Graham, Jerry Forder, Simon Swales, Ed Roberts, Veronique Langdon and Jey Wren.
3d Animation: Luis Alarcon

You can follow all La Vida Bohème activities on their Official Website, and all the other usual social media hangouts: Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

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