Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Invader Invader

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is back after the release of the trippy music video (and song) for Ninjya Re Bang Bang (にんじゃりばんばん) [MV], but it’s not like Kyary’s songs make much sense to me anyway. This time around she’s holding back in wackiness with Invader Invader (インベーダーインベーダー), which does feature out of this world choreography done by backup dancers with Da (だ) Masks, Cube-faced DJs, and people dressed up in fuzzy monster/alien attire.

Of course all under the supervision of Yasukata Nakata, and under the direction of Tamukai Jun for the music video.

The Invader Invader single will probably be later available on iTunes once it’s released on May 15th, and will also contain an extended version of Fashion Monster [MV], and the song Point of View which serves as the theme song for FujiTV’s Ageru TV.

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