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I have a love/hate relationships with idols. Of course, I love them. I love them when they do what I love them to do. However, for each idol, that love is different. In the case of some, I love it when they just sing and avoid the acting.

In the case of Kou Shibasaki, I love her when she acts.

This is why she made my Top10Films.co.uk contribution list of Top 10 Actors Who Should Quit Music.

I have listened to most of Shibasaki’s full-length discography, and I found it rather boring — except for, maybe, Intangible Spirit (無形スピリット, Mukei Spirit) [MV]… but that’s more because that MV is pretty good. Nowadays, she seems to be fitting that slightly quirky Japanese pop with videos like Strength [MV]… very much like Kaela Kimura.

I prefer Shibasaki acting even in so-so movies like Ohoku.

With the release of her latest single, Another World, which apparently is the theme song for Mirai Nikki (未来日記) — a Japanese drama starring Masaki Okada (whom I can’t stand… so I’ve been actively avoiding it), she sorta strays away from quirky Japanese pop, but it’s still not enough. I kinda like the MV with its stylish white, though I would have preferred if they had committed to the white palette.

Directed by: Akira Okimura [Vimeo]

— EDIT —

A full YouTube version has been uploaded.

There’s a full version of the video (with watermarks and credits) on YinYueTai.

To be fair, there are very few people whom I love equally when they sing and act. At the moment, the only one that comes to mind is Faye Wong, and you could hardly consider her an “actress.” But to compare anyone to Faye is… unfair.

In the meantime, I’m waiting for Shibasaki’s Hollywood debut with much anticipation… even if it sucks. I just hope she gets to do what she usually gets to do… even with a fraction of screen time.


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