Khalil Fong – HBDD

Khalil Fong’s latest album, JTW 西遊記 (Journey to the West), hit the market on September 28th; the first under his own label FU Music [Facebook], and his 9th overall. All his new songs are included since the release of Listen [MV] in 2015.

His most recent music video is titled HBDD (很不低調, which stands for Hen Bu Di Diao meaning “very low-key“) and was directed by Shigeto Sayama (佐山重人).

Cinematography by: Gianpaolo Lupori

JTW 西遊記 comes as a two-disc release in its Journey to the West (Black) [iTunes] and Journey to the West (Gold) [iTunes] version, or as a single 2-disc download [iTunes]. The album features collaborations with South Korean artist Crush and Zion T, as well as Taiwan-based Dutch Diana Wang (王詩安) and Beijing Mongolian folk group Hanggai Band (杭盖乐队); on top of the collaborations already released with Wang Lee-Hom [1] and Jane Zhang [1].

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