Karmin – Pulses MV

After 3 EP albums, American pop duo Karmin is set to release their debut album Pulses this year. Today, they released a music video for Pulses and a guest star voices the intro to the video.

Opening on a black and white reel with that old-movie vibe, George Takei explains the science behind the new music video. The scientists in the laboratory are studying cymatics, watching the visible representation of sound as it moves through water. They, of course, throw Karmin’s newest album, Pulses, on the record player, and the real fun begins.

Nick and Amy, the duo behind Karmin, jump right into the song, which features quite a bit of Nick’s vocals. Amy raps while Nick provides the back up and parts of the chorus, and the entire music video starts off in black and white. Dancer Hokuto “Hok” Konishi also makes an appearance.

The video showcases the the scientific instrument Cymascope, which was used in the video. You can read about it here or watch its Youtube channel.

Pulses will be released on March 25, 2014.

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