K.will (ft. ChaKun) – Even If You Play

After last year’s outrageously beautiful (and unexpected) music video for Please Don’t… (이러지마 제발) [MV], K.will (케이윌) brings us another nearly flawless vocal effort in the form of this duet with Chakun (차쿤) from group ELECTROBOYZ. Even If You Play (놀아도) is an uptempo tune that allows Chakun’s harder edged rap cadence to bounce off the smooth as silk vocal of K.will. However, the tempo belies the heartache in the song. The lyrics tell the story of a man who’s just broken up with his girlfriend. But instead of the freedom to be his own man and “play” around all night, he’s haunted by the love that still lingers in his heart for his woman.

The video follows the female of the relationship — a model who’s left her photographer boyfriend for one reason or another. Though the roles reversed, the feeling of regret and lamentable sadness still permeates through the video. The muted color palette is counter-balanced with the bright lights, a perfect metaphor for the flash of the nightlife being dulled by the pain of being without someone you still love — in this case, the lights of the city have nothing on the flash that came from her boyfriend’s camera or the brightness of his smile when the two shared intimate moments.

Unsurprisingly, there isn’t a director credit to be found; however, if I do come across the reclusive piece of information, I’ll be sure to update you.


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