Juanes – La Señal (MTV Unplugged)

I like MTV Unplugged Latino.

However, I do think there’s some sort of curse — or maybe it’s just me. Many of the artists that have been able to be “blessed” with the opportunity to have their own MTV Unplugged have managed to come up with some really great albums — the likes of Cafe Tacuba, Maná, Shakira, Alejandro Sanz and La Ley come to mind.

After the success of their MTV Unplugged, it seems like their careers have been some sort of creative vacuum or have come to the point of compromising their careers. I could argue in favor of Cafe Tacuba — but they’re the exception to the rule ;P — in the rest of cases, it’s true that many of the others have come up with some less than stellar work.

I fear a little for Juanes, even though I’m feeling pretty good about this MTV Unplugged clip.

Shot at the New World Symphony Center in Miami, Florida, on February this year, Juanes’ MTV Unplugged album will be released on May 29th while the broadcast is set for a May 27th date at 10pm on MTV and VH1 Latin America.

Broadcasts on Tr3s: MTV, Música y Más in the United States, MTV España and VH1 Brasil are also expected.


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  1. Rodrigo says:

    I’ll be checking this out, looking forward to Juanes singing live and the appearance of Joaquin Sabina. But I really hate “Odio Por Amor” and that is included in the Unplugged. :(

    While Shakira is viewed more as a sellout, I couldn’t care for Maná at all with the album following their Unplugged album. Part of it because of their shitty singles (Angel de Amor), part because of the direction path they have taken.

    • amy says:

      @Rodrigo, so the MTV Unplugged Latino curse is real? xD Alejandro Sanz, Diego Torres – well, La Ley is gone just after one extra album after their unplugged. Who else?

      I think Cafe Tacuba is the only one that has had two unplugged albums xD

      • Rodrigo says:

        @amy, With Café Tacuba, the Unplugged was recorded in 1995 and then released 10 years later. Dunno why it went like that for them.

        Venegas did it in 2008 and she’s still good, I believe. Soda Stereo did it in 1996, but that wasn’t really an Unplugged and broke up the following year. Illya Kuryaki and the Valderrramas fared well after their Unplugged but broke up 5 years later. But IKatV are returning this year – they played live at Chile’s Lollapalooza.

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