Jolin Tsai featuring Namie Amuro – I’m Not Yours

I’m not a fan of neither Jolin Tsai nor Namie Amuro, but I admit it– I was interested in seeing this collaboration. It also doesn’t hurt that the music video was directed by Muh Chen, aka. Grass Jelly Studios, who often offer lots and LOTS of eye-candy. Wyman Wong in the lyrics department doesn’t hurt either, though I do believe having both Jolin and Namie to sing in a ‘common’ language hurt Wong’s better use of Cantonese lyrics.

I know Sino-Japanese relations have been… tenser than usual, but I would’ve had more fun with the song with a switch back-and-forth between Mandarin, Japanese and a random English line.

However… if you make it through the song, after the cringe-worthy “Mirror, mirror on the wall” Amuro line (that’s really mean of the producers, give the Japanese singer the first line with lots of difficult Rs and L sounds), the song actually improves by the 2nd half. And deep inside the song, there’s some girl power message.

The music video looks soooooo good, though. Like- quite a bit of money good. It’s got a hyper-real ‘east’ style of weird movies like The Butcher, the Chef and the Swordsman (刀见笑), and there’s gotta be some nudge to the fox spirits at the end of the video, right?

I’m Not Yours is a single off Tsai’s 2014 album Play (呸) [iTunes]

My favorite Jolin song and video is still Dr. Jolin [MV], though.


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