Jing Chang – Little Girls

Well, I am rather happy that Gold Typhoon has released Jing Chang’s newest music video, all complete with songwriting credits, directors and even acting credits, etc., making my job way easier. Having said that, I smell something with Gold Typhoon and Jing Chang’s image marketing.

The song is called Little Girls (小女孩) and was written and composed by Ting Chu (庭竹) and Skot Suyama陶山 (who are a married couple), talking about the immensity of a little girl’s world, the dreams and thoughts.

The music video was directed by Yu-Chieh Cheng (鄭有傑) a Taiwanese director who wrote and directed the 2009 movie Yang Yang, which starred Sandrine Pinna in the title role. In Little Girls, we follow Li Baixuan (李柏萱) — who appeared on Ella Chen’s Bad Girls (女孩壞壞) movie this year — as she finishes her English class and checks her schedule, which is filled with calligraphy and violin classes, until she is swept away in a dream by Jing Chang herself.

The music video is apparently produced by Ashin (陳信宏) from Mayday (?). Either that, or we really have a serious crisis with Chinese names being the same.

Skot Suyama has composed for a number of Taiwanese singers, including Yoga Lin, Anthony Neely, Joey Yung, Leehom Wang, and is responsible for the title track in Jing Chang’s The Opposite Me.


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