Jay Park – Abandoned

I must say that I was very much butthurt when the whole scandal with Jay Park broke out. But we shall not discuss that here, old chapter. But I just want to point out that I was a bit surprised when Jay announced his return to the Korean music scene. He was labelled a traitor and pretty much kicked out of the country and he is coming back? Coincidence or conspiracy? I stroke my imaginary beard and smoke my bubble pipe.

After much hype on his personal Twitter he dropped the MV to his debut single Abandoned on April 26th.

I must say that I’m pleasantly surprised. There’s no denying that the kid is talented and he has a nice musical style. The r&b sound fits him very well. As a comeback, I must say that it’s strong. Way to put it to the people who so easily shunned you.

My theory about the whole ordeal? I really think Jay was miserable in 2PM and therefore took the first best opportunity to gtfo there. A little bit douchy in my eyes, but meh… his life, his choices.

Don’t screw it up this time around, Jay.


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  1. Dani says:

    The song and video are ridiculously fly, even Dok2 who has a tendency to annoy me was good. Glad to see him active again!

    And he will always be my pink leadja<3

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