Jay Chou – Let’s Go

Warning: Jay Chou wears a Native American headpiece in a long shot intercut throughout the whole video. Apparently he -or anyone around him- doesn’t read American news about racial issues in the US and cultural appropriation. My Chinese reading level isn’t all that, so I wouldn’t know if there are any in-depth articles on the topic written in it…

Or if anyone commenting in Chinese points it out in the video. I did spot one or two comments in English pointing it out, though. So there’s that.

Anyway~ Jay has been promoting his most recent album— this is his 14th one, titled Jay Chou’s Bedtime Stories (周杰倫的床邊故事), which I’m supposing is dedicated to his daughter Hathaway, who just celebrated her first birthday. Mama model Hannah, who married Jay (dude~~~ Jay Chou is married and with a child!) about two years back, also celebrated with a 7-hour cake [1].

I haven’t been all that thrilled over Jay’s career, I barely remember his last album Aiyo, Not Bad (哎呦,不錯哦) and have been lukewarm about the songs he’s been releasing from this album— Lover from Previous Life (前世情人) [MV], his Now You See Me [MV] promo song, Bedtime Stories (床邊故事) [MV], Failure at Love (愛情廢柴) [MV]; and even his collaboration with A-Mei, Shouldn’t Be (不該) [MV]. No pun intended.

However, I do have a totally soft spot for his weird obsession with country rap. It’s so over-the-top random, I love it. It all ends up being Jay Chou’s pop version of banjo intros with his Mandarin verse-dropping and pop hooks. As strange as his pink cowboy hat, open faded light blue sleeveless shirt, patterned pale yellow pants and dusty cowboy boots. Doing the Hokey Pokey. lol

This whole concept for the video of Let’s Go (說走就走), which has lyrics by Vincent Fang, is practically all Jay who composed the song, directed the video and probably handled everything you’re looking at on screen. He does this a lot, even with the movies he’s directed.

I’m still wishing to see this playing on the country music channel xD Maybe. One day. Imagine everyone’s facec LOL

In the meantime, you can get Jay Chou’s music on iTunes. JVR Music is all tech savvy now, you can probably look up almost anything on his discography (that has a video) on one of their playlist. They even have a WHOLE playlist (atm. 77 clips) of just Vincent Fang-written songs.


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