Jang Woo-Hyuk – Time Is Over

One of the OG’s of the K-Pop scene has returned to a frenzy of buzz and excitement. It’s been six years since he had an album out and Jang Woo-Hyuk has been dropping behind the scenes videos and creating a frenzy amongst fans. He finally released the full music video for Time Is Over today, and fans are reacting very positively.

I really enjoy the video. It’s a dance video, which fits the beat of the song and Woo-Hyuk’s dancing is top-notch. The tutting throughout the video is a fresh change in choreography style for K-Pop. The very end of the video is my favorite with all of the dancers tutting at the same time. Do you think he has a chance to keep up with the idols in promotions? Or will he fall by the wayside like Lee Jung did when he came back earlier this year?


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