Jane Zhang featuring Timbaland – Dust my Shoulders Off

Super Girl alumni and power-vocal Jane Zhang has made her official English debut with Dust my Shoulders Off, a song produced by and featuring Timbaland— the Midas of dance tunes; who practically made Timberlake’s jump from boy band to solo musician, turned Nelly Furtado from spiritual pop singer to club hit maker. And of course, super pals with Missy Elliott and Aaliyah.

This breezy pop tune with a cheerful beat is turned upside down with the direction of Taiwanese directors Outerspace Leo (廖人帥) and Muh Chen of Grass Jelly Studios [1][2], the studio behind the special effects; featuring Jane in all sorts of famous paitings— starting with Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks, Vincent van Gogh’s self-portrait, Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring, Seurat’s A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, Edvard Munch’s The Scream, René Magritte’s The Son of Man, among others.

Muh Chen’s videography is extensive, and Outerspace Leo’s other credits includes Cindy Wang’s Maiden’s Prayer (少女的祈禱) [MV]. Leo was -apparently- a member of the Taiwanese band CIRCUS, which disbanded two years ago [1].

Producer: Michael Feng (冯轲)
Executive Producer: Timbaland
Producer: Jim Beanz
Lyricist/Composer: Jim Beanz, Jane Zhang (張靚穎)
Artist Management: Momo Xia (夏茉含)
Production Coordinator: Bryan Yu (于丹陽)
Production team: 太空設計 OUTERSPACE品牌官方太空總部

Director: Liao Jen Shuai (廖人帥)
DoP: Kedy Yu (游凱迪)
Producer: Olan Huang (黃黑輪)
Asst. Producer: Joe (蕭銘峻)
Art Director: Premo Fang (方聖翔)
Asst. Art Director: Emily Tsai (李碧芹)
Texture Artist: Frank Chen (陳新發)
Best Boy: Yu jun Yu (余毓鈞)
Best Boy: Zhen rong Wu (吳振榮)
Best Boy: Yi tai Lee (李易泰)
Asst. Camera: Bo Yan Chen (陳柏言)
Design & Animation DEPT: Grass Jelly 仙草影像

Executive Producer: Muh Chen (陳奕仁)
VFX supervisor: Weiting Chen (陳威廷)
Project Manager: TzuWen Liao (廖梓雯)
Financial Manager: Lulu Chen (陳奕如)
Producer‘s Assistant: Dora Tsai (蔡靜霈), Grace An (安晨)
3D Animator: Greg Miao (苗天雨), Nigel Huang (黃勖), Ben Lam (藍俊彬), Janet Wang (王玨凝), Jia Hao Cho (卓家豪)
Compositing: Greg Miao (苗天雨), Nigel Huang (黃勖), Ben Lam (藍俊彬), Janet Wang (王玨凝)
Compositor‘s Assistant: Wen Ting Li (李文婷)
3D Animator‘s Assistant: Youzi Su (蘇袖惠)
Designer: Ida Chen (陳志育), Yang Hsi Hsiao (蕭羊希)
Stylist: Yiko Lee 李小格李懿格, Hsinlun Lee (李欣倫), Shiashia Chang 張瑄玲 颬颬 , Franz Chen (陳泓普)

攝影器材 宏達數位影業有限公司 / Camera Rental Taipei Di Cinema LTD.
燈光器材 阿榮影業股份有限公司 / Lighting Grips Rental Arrow Cinematic Group
輔助器材 力榮影視器材有限公司 / LEE RONG FILM & TV EQUIPMENT CO.

Art Director: Chen Dao LEE (李承道)
Assistant Art Director: Mr. Ogay (周義勳), Peihang Huang (黃沛涵), Yuyu Chen (陳又伃) Yo-Yu CHENG
Make-up for Jane: Miao-Miao Shen (沈妙玲)
Hair Stylist for Jane: Ethan Yao (姚介堃)
Choreographer: Wang Shou-Jie (王守婕)
Dancers: Ashley Xiang Liu (劉芙綾), Penny Tsai (蔡儀蘋), Karen Kuo (郭靜婷), Shujui Wang (汪書瑞), Clio Vanille, Stephanie Hesterberg

Stéphane-Albert Laville
Junior Caesar
James Hassan
Yurkova Olena
Chen Cheng Kang (陳正剛)
Chen Yi Ru (陳奕如)
David Malcolm Daugherty

— November 24th, 2016 EDIT —

A nearly 10min clip of the Making Of has been uploaded.

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