Jambinai – For Everything That You Lost

We somehow missed when this video came out last month~ we keep on blaming YouTube’s feed. Jambinai released this beautiful soothing clip for For Everything That You Lost (그대가 잃어버린 그 모든 것들을 위하여), which is the second single of their latest album following They Keep Silence [MV].

Director – Oh Geun Jae
Assistant Director – Dble, Kobb
Visual Effect – Son Kyung Mi(grei.t)
D.I. – Son Hyung Seob
Director of Photography – Oh Geun Jae
Editor – Oh Geun Jae
Jimmy jib Operator – Park Sung Jae

Jambinai’s 2nd studio album, A Hermitage (은서; 隱棲), is already available everywhere on iTunes.

Don’t miss out on Camiele and Jenna‘s interviews with the band at SXSW!

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