Jaejoong Kim – MINE

So… yeah, at midnight KST, Kim Jaejoong dropped his debut solo MV, entitled MINE. Like his long-time bandmate Kim Junsu did with Tarantellegra [MV], so Jaejoong decided to do with MINE. The difference, however, is just how dark and layered the MV actually is. It was one of those moments when Kpop sorta didn’t quite know what to do, so decided to spazz and scream and cry because truly this was a video that NOBODY was ready for, no matter how intense the teaser for it.

Directed by Lee Sang Gyu, the video follows Jaejoong through loss, desperation, and finally a form of transformation. Quite frankly, there’s nothing I could say that would do the MV justice. There are about 45 different types of symoblism in this piece, and, really, the only thing I could do was hit replay about three times and just stare. Many people may find this a hodge-podge of different concepts just thrown together. But if you’re one for dissection, this video will keep you occupied for DAYS. Literally, every piece of the video has a story behind it. Good luck deciphering everything.

Kim Jaejoong’s debut solo mini-album MINE 1st Mini Album I is set to drop tomorrow, 17 January (it’s already been released in Asia).


As unexpected as my path was to loving all things weird, more unexpected is my ability to get attention for writing about the stuff.

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