J Soul Brothers

I have never really been into Japanese boy bands. Believe me, I tried.

However, from the little I could gather from Jpop, EXILE is one of the most well-regarded “man bands”. J Soul Brothers was formed by EXILE current leader, Hiro. It’s currently going through its third generation of members with a brand new album set out for a June 1st release date.

We could all talk about the Menudo implications of rotating members and how industrial it seems when bands rotate people for silly reasons like “he’s too old now,” but we’re here to simply talk about the J Soul Brothers’ attributes. They’re actually not that bad… the song, which does not have a title — or Avex didn’t add a title for whatever reason — is true to Jpop form without sounding like the genre.

The dancing isn’t that bad either. Though a bit out of sync in those general shots, they don’t look as unskillful as some other boy bands *coughArashicough* trying to dance. They also look good without looking like they’ve spent hours in the mirror, which they probably did with their stylists.

The Japanese pop music industry really needs to do something about rotating members and band generations, though.


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  1. Julili says:

    Wait, am I blind or is that a black dude?

    • amy says:

      @Julili, I don’t know if he is black (seems sometimes, right?) – Japanese men look usually darker… maybe you’re just used to Korean pale-looking men. xD

      Or maybe it’s the color of the video hahaha

      And you have spoiled me for life. I can never see a SUN on a dance pop MV and not think of DBSK.

    • JJ says:

      @Julili, Nesmith is Blasian (Black father, Japanese mother) and so is Elly.

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