J Rabbit – Beautiful Life

This totally slipped my mind at the end/beginning of the year!

J Rabbit returned! I don’t exactly know if they were gone for real, but the friendz.net channel had been inactive for a year, and the last J Rabbit upload was done nearly two years ago. My dad was a fan of the girls, I think it was their cover of Thank You for the Music [MV] that got him xD and it was his birthday yesterday. It would’ve been his 61st. Rest in peace, Otousan~

The song titled Beautiful Life is a bright song, classic J Rabbit put-a-smile-on-your-face tune, done for the SK Calendar Project; presented in a one-shot music video at the SK Telecom offices with moving camera and choir.

Don’t forget to like their Facebook page~ You can also listen to the song on Melon, and iTunes.


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