IU – Twenty-three MV

Oh, don’t worry IU. We know competing against Adele’s comeback [1] is tough, but we have enough love for all of you.

In fact, this gave me enough time to actually listen to CHAT-SHIRE [iTunes] — a full-length-mini hybrid — and I enjoyed it a lot. Perhaps, Twenty-three (스물셋) is the most different-sounding track in it. I enjoyed the rhythms and the lyrics- I was actually REALLY surprised to learn that IU is credited with them, because I almost thought it could have been Kim Eana, who had previously worked with IU in other works.

She’s also credited with the music alongside Lee Jong-hoon and Lee Chae-kyu– the only track that credits the three of them.

The music video was directed (DAMN YOU KPOP FANDOM!) by Yongseok Choi (최용석) from Lumpens (룸펜스) [Website][Vimeo][Facebook], a directors collective that has worked in the MVs for Wonder Girl’s I Feel You [MV], MFBTY’s Bang Diggy Bang Bang (방뛰기방방) [MV], Bucku Bucku (부끄부끄) [MV], BTS, EE, Spica, Rain [MV], among others.



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