IU – Every End of the Day

South Korean singer IU has released a brand new song titled Every End of the Day (스무 살의 봄 – 하루 끝) — also known as Spring of a Twenty-year-old — shot in Venice. This part Making Of, part short film, part music video lasts a whopping nearly 27 minutes.

The song was jointly composed by composers Park Geun-Tae and Kim Do-Hoon, with lyrics by Kim Ee-Na, showcasing IU’s bright vocals, in a video where a girl is deeply in love and a man who notices soon enough to make the first step.

The video is smart enough to never show the face of the guy in question, and rather chooses to show a lot of POV interaction shots. If you’re lost with the making of and short film, skip right to the music video on minute #17.

There’s a YinYueTai version available.

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  1. amy says:

    I’m not a huge fan of IU, though she was the cutest on Dream High – but I’m not at a point where I can watch a 30min clip with no subs. LOL Having said that, IU reminds me a LOT of Yu Aoi on this. Especially in those bits right before the actual MV starts.

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