Interpol – Everything Is Wrong

Interpol frontman Paul Banks gets behind the directorial position once again (co-directing with Carlos Puga) for the band’s latest video, Everything Is Wrong, the fifth single (and fourth music video) from last year’s studio album El Pintor.

The black-and-white video follows each band member as they walk to a show, giving us a window into how they interact with the world…. or at least, how fictionalized versions of them do. Drummer Sam Fogarino is a mostly-charming flirt, while guitarist Daniel Kessler is a walking cliché as he helps a nice old lady cross the street. Paul Banks, on the other hand, is kind of a jerk. Banks is accompanied by boxer Jason Lee, who previously appeared in Interpol’s music video for Twice As Hard [MV], who works as Paul’s bodyguard. You can also spot Banks’ wife Helena Christensen at the beginning of the video.

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