INFINITE – The Chaser

The badass dancers from INFINITE are back with their single The Chaser. I don’t pretend to know much about the group, but I gotta say the video’s kinda on the amazing side.

Starting with what seems like a car crash in reverse, the video takes us through one of those nonsensical, almost dream-like sequences where time and space seem to melt into color and shape. Literally… there are fascinating colors and shapes. The muted pastel tones of their dance stage and the hypnotic, off-kilter camera angles add an interesting contrast to the high-octane action sequences involving a motorcylce gang (of sorts), a member of the group going all Spidey on us, and, of course, the emminent car crash.

However, as my history with the group only consists of knowing them as ferocious dancers with even more impressive choreography, I was disappointed to find the pop and precision that I’ve come to respect seems to have faltered a bit. But, in all honesty, no band is always perfect all the time. We shall see how their next single stacks up dance-wise.


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