Infinite – Be Mine

Infinite is back — this time with their first full-length album Over The Top. They will be promoting the album with the track Be Mine.

This is defiantly a development in the Infinite style and sound. They started off with a bang with their debut single Come Back [MV] — the song stood out from what was being heard in the Kpop scene at the time. Combined with the very synchronized dance, Infinite made a huge impact.

Then they went for the cutesy and fluffy concept with She’s Back [MV], after that they turned dark and tough for Before The Dawn [MV]. Then it was back to fluffy with Nothing’s Over [MV], and now we are back to tough with Be Mine. We see a pattern here…

For what it’s worth, at least Infinite mix it up a little and they make sure to be a bit different from the current Kpop trends. For that, we applaud them.

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