Illinit ft. Hwayobi – Lost

This video came out yesterday and I think I’ve watched it about 10-15 times already. It just might be my favorite video of the year so far. Illinit is a rapper that not many people know about yet, but I’m hoping this will help put him on the map for some people.

I think it was very well put together, and the track is well written. Hwayobi really impressed me during her parts with her acting. Many times they just have them stand around against a wall, singing or rapping. But this video came out of the box and had them act out during the lyrics of the song. There is a rain effect around the 3:15 mark that I really enjoyed too, seemed to really match the song.


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  1. amy says:

    I love this type of song so much. LOL You know? “those type of songs

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