Hyuna – Bubble Pop

Well, I guess I could either state what I really feel, or just show you the video:

It’s pretty much an MV with a cute girl prancing around in the sun. The song is OK, I guess — cute with a repetitive hook.

This bores me.


Music is all I do: I work in music, I write about music, I listen to music.

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  1. amy says:

    Time to quote VampWillow:
    Bored now. xD

    • Julili says:

      @amy, funny thing, I saw that episode 2 days ago. Aw Buffy!

      • amy says:

        @Julili, so… the video has 5M. hits now. Any thoughts on it? The first like… 5secs sound a little bit to Britney’s How I Roll, but that’s basically it. And the song is catchy.

        But like any other video, the discussions on YouTube or AllKPop are impossible. They give me a headache. I don’t know if the video is too “american” – it just seems pretty standard without the UMPH.

        Have we found out who directed the video? It looks like it’s using the same color filter as Hot Hot Summer hahaha, maybe it’s the same director.

        • Julili says:


          I think this getting so many hits it’s cus it was on the front page of youtube. Ppl clicked for the heck of it.

          I haven’t found the director — that’s mission impossible in Kpop land….

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