Hyun Joong Kim – Please

Leader of the Korean boy band SS501, Hyun Joong Kim, will be releasing his upcoming EP Break Down on June 7th, from where his new single comes. Please (제발) is a pop ballad with R&B tones, as he stylishly dances on the top of a building, pleading for a relationship that used to be with an equally stylish lady.

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  1. Julili says:

    I’m pleasantly surprised. I was under the impression that my oppa couldn’t sing…. hmmm Then again, I never liked him for his singing capabilities, nor acting… he is just so pretty to look at. Plus, how happy am I that he finally fixed his nose? Today is a happy day!

    Oki, dying for this album to come out so that I can hear it. The last mini SS501 released was a full hit with me. This song kind of reminds me of that.

    And is it me or does the MV remind you of Rain’s “Love Song”? Just better?

    See Rain, you can keep your clothes on and still be sexy!

    • R says:

      @Julili, I agree on everything you’ve written, but I would say it is his charm and how he deals with different shows etc that is the most appealing, maybe not his voice, dancing or nose. But I am willing to change my mind on all three after this!

      • Julili says:

        @R, Yes, there is something about him that makes me adore him. One day I just fell for him hard and sloppy hahaha, so it was mostly his looks. I think it is his eyes, he looks so genuine and real.

        I am happy that he can sing, that helps alot! We shall see how this albums turns out. I don’t dare keep my hopes up!

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