Hitomi Yaida – Mogitate no Yuuutsu

I’ve been so disconnected with Japanese fandom that I had no idea that Hitomi Yaida was not signed to Aozora Records, and had signed a new deal with Universal Japan in 2010~~~ let alone that she had released a new single a couple of weeks ago, even though I AM subscribed to the Universal Japan YouTube channel.

But I’m turning things around and have decided to try to post more Japanese music to counter all the Kpop bias. This is, of course, my attempt to lure Japanese labels to the site. I hope you appreciate my effort, guys, and throw me a bone or something.

The single is called Mogitate no Yuutsu (もぎたての憂鬱) — or something like Freshly-picked Melancholy, my translation — which was released last week in Japan and includes the song Loop.

The music video for the single is quite simple and was directed by… 直 (?) — I’m sorry, I have no idea how I can read that, and I couldn’t find any information at all. I’m sure it looks cool, like say “Prince,” “Madonna” or “Cher,” but let’s be real. In the era of Google, we need better brand recognition.

You can watch (or listen to) the whole thing on YinYueTai.


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