Hebe Tien – When You Are Gone

Hebe Tien [the unlikely breakthrough] has a new album coming out, titled Day by Day (日常), that will be available on July 13th… so keep an eye out on iTunes. She started promotion of the album with the release of the very happy-pop-lucky Every Day Is a Miracle (人間煙火), and now follows it with the moody When You Are Gone (餘波盪漾), written by Jennifer Hsu (徐世珍) and Wu Hui-Fu (吳輝福), with music by Li Shuang-Gei (李雙飛). The track was produced by Lu Zhen Huang (呂禎晃).

The video, which makes the song (imho), was directed by director Chen Yin-Jung (陳映蓉), who has made several music videos for the likes of JJ Lin, Jeff Chang (張信哲), Jess Lee, Gary Chaw, Wing Lo (羅文裕), Amber Kuo and Mavis Fan. In When You Are Gone, she directs Hebe and actor Bryan Chang Shu-hao (張書豪) in their stormy relationship that results in tragedy.

SPOILER~! Is he a ghost throughout the video? <– End of Spoiler.

Hebe’s Facebook page has a few paragraphs on the Making Of the video.


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