Hebe Tien – Soul Mate

Hebe Tien has just released a brand new video for the single Soul Mate (靈魂伴侶), another track from her latest album titled Day by Day (日常); with lyrics by Lan Xiaoxie (藍小邪) and composed, produced and arranged by Zheng Nan (鄭楠).

The video, which features a very strong Japanese aesthetic as it was shot in Kagoshima, was directed by Hsu Yun-hsuan (徐筠轩), who had previously shot videos for JJ Lin [1], David Tao, Cheer Chen [MV], Stefanie Sun, Jolin Tsai, LaLa Hsu, Yoga Lin, Sodagreen [MV], as well as Hebe’s Leave Me Alone (寂寞寂寞就好) [MV] and You Better Not Think About Me (你就不要想起我) [MV].

Not to mention the super emotional Karen Mok video for Departures (不散,不見) [MV].

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