Hanson – Give a Little

American trio Hanson still get a bad rep for having penned Mmmbop back in the 90s, when brothers Isaac (then 17), Taylor (then 14) and Zac (then about to turn 11) burst onto the worldwide pop music scene.

Now all married with children, Hanson released Shout it Out last year, their sixth proper studio album — eighth album if you count the two independent albums prior to their big label debut with Middle of Nowehere.

The first single of the album, released in April 2010, was Thinking ‘Bout Something [MV], a complete throwback to The Blues Brothers, complete with Shake a Tail Feather [1] number and all.

On the second single, Give a Little, Todd Edwards — back from the first single’s video — has the guys playing with cardboard cutouts, paint, and dancing couples.

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  1. julili says:

    Yaaaaaay! Hanson!
    Can’t really listen right now cus I’m at work but I’m ttly stoked!
    I hope they come by here for a concert soon!

    • amy says:

      @julili, I’m not sure they’ve done many concerts outside the US.

      I mean, how can Ke – dollar sign -ha (Glee reference) have a hit single, and Hanson hasn’t been forgiven for Mmmbop? They’ve done so much better than many others, but the general public still gives them crap.

      After all, Mmmbop still pays the bill, I’m pretty sure. LOL

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