H.E.A.T – Living on the Run

By Peter Andersson

The fans were anxious, but after some time waiting for it, H.E.A.T has released the music video for their single Living on the Run from their freshly released album Address the Nation. I actually had the chance to see parts of the video when I met the guys for an interview.

The video is based on a party in an apartment filled with rich, beautiful young people drinking champagne. They don’t seem to notice the band’s presence, even though the band is rocking the sh**t out of the place.

I liked the video because it shows the band’s positive energy — the same energy they use to put on a show when you see them live (even though I haven’t seen new singer Erik Grönwall in concert). This is the first video the band has ever released, and it’s nice to see that they put in so much time doing it right the first time instead of rushing through the process just to make sure they had something to show.

It is not hard to tell that I believe that H.E.A.T is going to be one of the most interesting bands to release new Swedish music this year, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the world is going to say when they hear these guys.

If you’re only going to buy one rock album this year and want to test something new and fresh, go get yourself this album and embrace the future of Swedish melodic rock.

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