Go Go Rise – Smartphone Addicts

Go Go Rise (美好前程) — Mei Hao Qian Cheng — is an indie Taiwanese band formed in October 2009 by vocalist/trumpeter Mei and bassist Ah Joe (阿鳩). After a few member stand-ins and switches, Go Go Rise finally got its final line-up with lead guitarist Guang (光), rhythm guitarist Ah Dong (阿洞), and drummer Zack.

The band is interested in and takes its influence from groups as varied as Green Day, Japan’s Asian Kung Fu Generation, and Taiwan’s Tizzy Bac.

Their first single is called Smartphone Addicts (停不下來) — literally, Can’t Stop — from their recently released EP of the same name, which you can check out on IndieVox and StreetVoice.

The music video for Smartphone Addicts was shot in the greater Taipei area, and was directed by Go Go Rise members Guang and Ah Joe (阿joe) alongside Guang Tou (光頭).

You can follow the band on Facebook or YouTube.

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