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Considering the amount of groups South Korea debuts, I’m surprised it took SO LONG for them to advertise any of their girl groups as “tomboys,” because- well, it’s already been two years since Taiwan debuted Misster [1][2][3], which resulted in a mixed bag of things. Last I had heard was that they were down one member.

The problem with debuting a girl group labeled as “tomboys” is that you gotta deliver the goods. So did they?


From left to right.- AI (’93), Eun Ji (’92), OneKet (’91), Ha Yun (’90), and A RAM (’93).

The girls in GI (which stands for Global Icon- seriously Korea, name recognition!) are not tomboys. Short hair doth not a tomboy make. Just ask some of the lovely women of Brown Eyed Girls. Though the term “lipstick lesbian” wouldn’t apply EITHER, because I think it’s a weird term to refer to women whose sexual orientation doesn’t fit the concept of being gay, as if you could determine someone’s preference by what they wear.

Anyway, I’m rambling- if they really wanted to make a group with THAT concept, they should’ve just found five girls that would fit similar molds to Amber from f(x). I don’t think she even tries to be a tomboy, she just exudes it and it drives girls wild. Every time I see girls reacting to Amber, I’m astonished.

Discussion on what’s a “tomboy” aside, the girls of GI don’t fair too bad in their debut. I actually think they get a better music video than Misster’s debut Bomb Bomb Bomb [MV], despite the budget constrains. The song (Why is it called Beatles?) is a little forgettable, but it seems like their dance skills are there. I would wait for a live performance for dance and stage skills, and probably wait for one or two more singles.

You can follow GI activities on their Twitter, and get updates on SimTong Entertainment’s Facebook.


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