Galaxy United – Heavy Rain Advisory

A couple of days ago, Seo Taiji posted a link to this MV Teaser [1] all in Korean, which I thought (without Google translating) that might be new material from him, only to be left strangely giddy and intrigued by the music. With the brief clip, I was given a faint Jonsi vibe, and I was certainly loving it.

Galaxy United, mostly known by its Korean name 은하연합, only reproduces this Korean Rock Is Real link in English, which doesn’t tell us much about the band in itself. According to this Mnet profile, Galaxy United was formed in 2010 — its name an inspiration on Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy — with members Ooparts (in vocals), Math (in everything else), and Shinji (in bass) and Nomo (in drums) replacing members Noh Ojeong (노호정) and Cho Yeonjin (최현진) respectively.

After the release of Prophet [1] and It’s Happening [1] last year, they’ve finally released their first studio album, titled The Absinthe, this past November 15th, which does in fact reflect that nature-friendly Nordic type of music. It sounds great. If I read the description correctly, there’s someone in the artistic team that has also collaborated with Seo Taiji.

This is the first official single, Heavy Rain Advisory (호우주의보), which was directed by Kim Do Yeon (김도연) for Zanybros.

You can all buy The Absinthe on iTunes (worldwide) and support the band.


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  1. Kelly says:

    I bought their album… it’s amazing!!! I esp. love “장한몽” very unique piece, and “Emo’s March” “It’s Happening” “8th Day” “별이 빛나는 밤” and of course “Heavy Rain Advisory” I really wish more people knew about this amazing band. This is seriously the best Korean album of the year!!!

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