Gala Briê – Me Voy Haciendo Realidad

Peruvian pop singer Gala Briê (Gabriela Gastelumendi, former vocalist of Las Amigas de Nadie), whom was one of the two opening acts for Coldplay’s concert in Peru, has released the video for Me Voy Haciendo Realidad, the second music video from her debut album Intensos Instantes, released last year.

Me Voy Haciendo Realidad was directed by Gustavo De la Torre Casal and stars Mariana Espinosa and Ema Colombo as the dancers seen in the video.

The song and its videoclip became pretty newsworthy in Peru due to Coldplay sharing the video through their Facebook page. Sadly, I have to admit that this was the way I found out about the video — I’m not alone in this, though — whose productions values are visually good.

The problem with Gala Briê’s opening act at Coldplay’s concert at Peru is that she was literally overshadowed by Lianne La Havas, whose performance was memorable enough for the live audience beyond Coldplay’s performance. Regarding Gala’s newly promoted song, I don’t think that’s the best she can offer vocally; she sounds better in songs such as Noel Salvaje [LV] and Si Tienes Que Hacerlo, Hazlo [MV] from her debut album. By the way, her vocal talents work well for duets, and her guest appearance [MV] in Pelo Madueño’s 20th anniversary concert is living proof of that.


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